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Protecting Trampe Ranch

The next 25 years begin now

“Water is the true wealth in a dry land.”

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Wallace Stegner said that. Here on the arid Western Slope of Colorado, Stegner’s words ring true. Crystal clear, unpolluted creeks still flow from rocky mountain tops down to lush valley bottoms in the Gunnison Valley.

However, a long stretch of our precious fresh water, from the base of Gothic all the way down to Gunnison, remains vulnerable. You can help.

For the last century, that 30-mile stretch of productive river bottom has been owned and carefully managed by the Trampe Family. Now, local rancher Bill Trampe hopes to preserve the ranch to continue his family’s legacy, and to conserve the vibrant land and fresh water.

This is big – really big

Nearly 6,000 acres of land surrounding the East and Gunnison Rivers need your help. Without protection, this land is vulnerable to haphazard development.

Trampe’s ranch currently brings in a staggering 20 percent of Gunnison County’s agricultural revenue, so preserving this operation is essential to keeping our local economy booming.  In many places across the west, working family ranches like Trampe’s are a relic of the past, but we think these ranches are what set the Gunnison Valley apart.

Crested Butte is unique because of our wide open valleys and stunning mountain views.

From biking Snodgrass, to skiing Mount Crested Butte, and the picturesque views along Highway 135 as you drive into town, you can see that protecting Trampe Ranch makes a difference. If we lost that land, your views, and your home, would be drastically different.

Together, we’re stronger

As your local land trust, we believe that partnerships matter, whether they’re with you or with other conservation organizations.

Together, with you, we’re proud to support the Nature Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land in the historic preservation of Trampe Ranch. This project has brought the national conservation spotlight to our incredible valley, and right now, we’re just $800,000 away from the $17 million goal.

Trampe’s dream is to keep his family’s legacy alive. You can make that dream come true, keeping the ranchland productive forever and leaving our meadows and mountain views wide open.

This is your only chance

Unfortunately, once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. This is your chance to preserve the more than four miles of clean, healthy drinking water that runs through the Trampe Ranch. You can contribute to this historic preservation project knowing you’re saving the true wealth of this land.