Emily and Jason Profile

Staying connected to Crested Butte

They moved and had children, but kept CB close at heart

Emily Hazan and Jason Goldman live in Seattle and work in the medical profession. They have two kids, ages six and four. But flash back a few years, and they were both living in Colorado, and visiting Crested Butte when they could get away for a weekend.

“We kind of kindled our relationship in Crested Butte,” Jason says.

“I think that was the first time I realized what an amazing tele skier Emily was, and that was a big selling point.”

Ski ability aside, Emily and Jason have always felt very strongly about preserving open space for future generations to enjoy. “Crested Butte is such a special place for us,” says Emily. “We want it to be maintained for other people to continue to enjoy it.”

This ethic of conservation and love for the mountainous valleys around Crested Butte led Emily and Jason to choose Crested Butte as the location for their wedding. “We did the ceremony at the Woods Walk, and it was a way for us to share a really special place with family and friends,” says Jason.

That was years ago, but they continue to bring their children back, half way across the country, to share in the magic that is Crested Butte. “We’ve also kept donating,” Jason says, “out of a love for the lands, and the work that the Crested Butte Land Trust does. It makes us feel kind of connected to Crested Butte, even though we can’t visit as often anymore.”