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If you desire to make a gift of stock, please ask your broker to transfer the stock to the Crested Butte Land Trust and advise that it can be handled via DTC (Depository Trust Corporation) to:

Photo: Rebecca Ofstedahl

Crested Butte Land Trust
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Tulsa, Oklahoma
DTC# 0418
Account Number: 644-31258-17404
Federal Identification Number: 84-1190830

Once you have made your gift, please notify Ann Johnston, Executive Director, as your stock donation will arrive without naming you as the donor. You can either call Ann at 970.349.1206, or send her an email at We will not receive notification from your broker – and we most definitely want to thank you for your generosity and send you a tax receipt.

The Crested Butte Land Trust owes its success to the generosity of you and the other individual contributors who have supported our conservation efforts. Many thanks for your gift!