Land Use Request

Land Trust land is available for use with some restrictions

Some lands owned and managed by the Land Trust are available for limited commercial use. Any commercial use on Land Trust land requires a request to be submitted, for example babysitters, outfitters and guides, and day camps. Follow the steps below to learn whether you need permission then, if you do, to submit your application and payment for your use of Land Trust lands. Land use applications are valid for one calendar year from the date of approval.


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Step 1 - Permission

Review the Property Use Protocol to see if you need permission.

If you do need permission, download and sign the protocol, and have your certificate of insurance showing the Land Trust additionally insured before completing your request below.

Generally written permission is required when the use is:

  • Organized or publicized
  • Involves a fee (charge to participants)
  • A new, recurring, or expanded use
  • Likely to, or may, conflict with other established, traditional uses, such as hiking, bicycling, cross-country skiing, wildlife habitat, agriculture and scientific research

Step 2 - Land Use Request

Please download and complete the Land Use Form and email to Requests are reviewed as they are received, and you will hear back from us shortly.

You’re not done yet!

Don’t forget to complete step 3 below, choosing your request fee, then follow the directions to view your cart and pay.

Step 3 - Submit Your Payment

Finally, choose your request fee type below to add it to your cart. Click “View Cart” after adding the item to continue to the payment page.

Contact Jon Mugglestone at with any questions.

Thank You for Recreating Responsibly!

Click below to learn special rules and best practices on each Land Trust owned and managed property

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