Land & Water Users

How to recreate, care for, and enjoy our lands

Thousands of people enjoy Land Trust owned and conserved lands for many different reasons every year. Whether you’re on the Lupine Trail for an afterwork ride, planning your wedding at the Woods Walk venue, or leading future adventurers on their first outing, here you’ll find all of the information you need on how to appropriately recreate, care for, and enjoy our lands. Thank you for taking the time to help keep our local lands and waterways protected and well maintained.

Programs and Permitting

Certain uses are allowed on Land Trust owned and managed lands, such as wedding ceremonies and summer camps. The Land Trust also offers two fun activities for users of all ages each summer, the StoryWalk and our Letterboxing scavenger hunt. If you’re interested in our programs or permitting, click below. For details on best practices and general information about trails and river use on Land Trust managed areas, scroll down to the next section.

Land Trust Trails & Recreational Areas

The Lupine, Lower Loop, Gunsight Bridge, and Long Lake trail systems are all on lands owned and managed by the Land Trust as well as Crested Butte Nordic Center trail systems in the winter. Please keep these regulations and best practices in mind any time you are enjoying our open spaces. Help us ensure we leave them better than we found them for generations to come!

Best Practices

Be a Good Neighbor
  • Use designated trails onlyObey signage and don't trespass
  • Stay on designated trailsDo not cut switchbacks
  • Be mindful and respectful of other users on the trailsReview who has the right-of-way
  • When allowing others to pass on trail, step off to the side and waitDo not walk along the side of the trail, and always look where you step so you don’t trample wildflowers or other plants
  • Leave no trace, pack it in, pack it outPick up after yourself and leave the trailheads and trails better than you found them
  • Share the loveEducate others who aren't following best practices
  • Plan your trip at less popular times to avoid overcrowded trailheads and trailsTo minimize parking traffic, walk or bike to the trailhead whenever possible
  • Only park in designated parking areasDo not park in open fields or blocking right-of-ways or driveways; if the parking areas look full, consider going somewhere else that day
  • Go before you goThere are no restroom facilities at most of our trailheads; public restrooms are available at the 4-Way parking lot or at the old Town Hall at 2nd and Elk Avenue
Recreate Safely
  • Bring the proper gear and safety equipmentRemember to have plenty of water, food, and layers, and check the weather before you leave
  • E-bikes are not allowed on Land Trust parcels
  • In the winter, check the backcountry forecast before you go at
  • Be aware of other usersKnow that your decisions can have consequences beyond your group
  • Know where dogs are and aren't allowedSome trails and river access points are not dog-friendly; click each recreation area below to learn more about what is and isn't allowed there
  • Keep dogs under control at all timesKeep dogs on leashes where required and under voice control in all other areas
  • Always pick up dog waste and pack it outNever leave dog bags on the side of the trail or at trailheads

Thank You for Recreating Responsibly!

Click below to learn special rules and best practices on each Land Trust owned and managed property

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