Copley Lake

The Gunnison Valley’s lakes and wetlands are conservation priorities here on the arid western slope of Colorado. The Crested Butte Land Trust was thrilled to work with a local landowner to protect 15+ acres at Copley Lake, including almost 2,000 feet of shoreline that surrounds half the lake.

Our community depends on it

The Crested Butte Land Trust pursues conservation projects that help ensure the environmental and economic strength of the valley, believing that smart land conservation benefits everyone.

Preserving our crystal clear waters and the surrounding wetlands provides enormous benefits to our community – like water purification and flood control, to name a few.

These wetlands also provide critical habitat to hundreds of species that also call Crested Butte home, including deer, elk, black bear, mountain lion, fox, porcupine and other small mammals.

We need you

As a partner of the Crested Butte Land Trust, you are instrumental in protecting the quality of life here. Working to protect Copley Lake is a prime example of how we take on a challenge to contribute to our valley’s economic diversity and prosperity. Water and wetlands are important to hunters, ranchers, local wildlife, our spectacular wildflowers, and hikers and bikers, too.

Copley Lake is also part of the Coal Creek Watershed, which provides the residents and visitors of the Town of Crested Butte their drinking water.

The landowner very generously reduced the purchase price to 20% below appraised value, and we were fortunate to secure two grants – one from the Town of Crested Butte for $25,000, and another from the Gunnison Valley Land Preservation Fund for $27,000. In light of the extremely competitive nature of grant awards, we are thrilled to have received these substantial pledges. The remaining $38,395 was raised from individual contributions.

The beauty of the Crested Butte area makes powerful impression on all of us – it’s the main reason we live here. We stay because of the friendly community, the incredible wildflowers, our clear, clean water, and the world-class trails and skiing. The loss of wetlands and fresh water sources throughout the United States has been expansive. Together, we’re making sure that destruction doesn’t happen here at home. Our success lies in the backing of people like you, who recognize how important places like Copley Lake and its wetlands are to our community, and who pitch in when you’re needed.  

Thank you for your support.