Glacier Community Farm

Glacier Community Farm

Fixing up the homestead

The Glacier Community Farm, proudly named by a local ranching family, reflects the rich heritage of the area. In the early 1880s, the town site of Glacier sprang up at the junction of Cement Creek Road and Highway 135. Named for a glacier formation to the east, Glacier began as a stage stop for mines located up Cement Creek, and soon became a stop for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. The Glacier schoolhouse was rebuilt in 1920, and that building still stands today as the Red Mountain Log Works furniture store.

At the Glacier Community Farm, we are working to renovate the ranching homestead, a crucial next step in our effort to get the farm up and running. Built in 1934, the humble log cabin has been vacant for nearly eight years and is in need of some serious restoration.

We’re looking for advice as we consider options to restore the buildings. Once completed, the homestead will serve as the living quarters for the Farm Manager and a place for everyone to get their hands dirty.

To learn more about this exciting project, contact Danielle at or 970.349.1206.