Working family ranches

A balanced local economy

At the Land Trust, protecting working ranches is an important component of our mission. We recognize and understand the connection that landowners have to their land, and the need to balance landowner rights and responsibilities. Ranching is a crucial part of Crested Butte’s history and continues to play a vital role in our balanced, local economy.

The Crested Butte region’s spectacular landscape ranges from lush green irrigated river valleys to the dramatic peaks of the surrounding wilderness areas. Most of the valley’s private lands are found along the region’s free-flowing rivers. These private working ranchlands and their rich resources provide essential wildlife habitat and create incredible scenic views.

The Land Trust works on a voluntary basis with private landowners in Gunnison County to preserve over 1,400 acres of working ranches to date. These ranches remain in private ownership and management, and landowners voluntarily agree to restrict future development on their properties. To respect their agricultural operations, most of the conserved ranch land is closed to the public.

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Protecting our heritage.