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The annual Caddis Cup Fly Fishing Tournament provides a wonderful way to improve your cast, meet new folks, and soak in the scenery—all while helping to preserve our incredible lands and waters in Gunnison County. Local guides offer their fishing knowledge as each competitor strives to catch the longest brown trout, the longest rainbow trout, and the most aggregate inches. Many participants return each year and there is no shortage of camaraderie. The two-day tournament commences with a kick-off dinner at Cement Creek Ranch. Spouses and friends return for the closing awards party, complete with nibbles, noshes, prizes, and “fish tales” from the day.

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Photo: Lydia Stern

Annual Business Sponsorship

Our lands and waters are preserved due to the  generous efforts of our community. Businesses, large and small, support the Crested Butte Land Trust every year through sponsorships. Make a difference by supporting the Land Trust’s efforts to save the places you call home today and for future generations to enjoy.

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