Ongoing Care and Management of Conserved Lands

The Crested Butte Land Trust doesn’t just work to conserve land for today, but continues to take the best possible care of these lands for future generations, and caring for land is a constant and ever-changing task. Our stewardship process begins with annual monitoring of every private conservation easement and Land Trust fee owned parcel. The purpose of monitoring every easement annually is to ensure that the terms of easements are being met, and to provide support for landowners that want to improve the conservation values on their property.  


Stewardship is a task not only for today, but for forever. The better we take care of our land today, the more the next generation will experience the Gunnison Valley we know and love for years to come. Stewardship is an investment for our future’s clean air and water, wildlife, and natural world. 

  • Annual monitoring of each easement and fee owned parcel
  • Managing agricultural and grazing leases
  • Controlling noxious weeds
  • Maintaining signage and protecting private property rights
  • Protecting wildlife habitats and ecosystems
  • Managing and maintaining low impact recreational use for the public where allowed
  • Educating the public on backcountry etiquette and responsible recreation
  • Removing trash and human impacts
  • Restoring wetlands and streams

The Crested Butte Land Trust has nearly 6,000 acres of land that we monitor annually, and we work diligently with landowners to continue meeting both the Land Trust’s and owners’ stewardship needs and management goals. The responsibility of forever stewarding these lands is no small feat and often requires ongoing creative problem solving and collaboration. Take a look at some of our ongoing projects below.

Success Stories

Donations and volunteer time has gone into protecting thousands of acres in the Gunnison Valley.

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