Summer Field Trip Series

Please join us for one, two, or all three of our summer field trips this season as we partner with organizations to learn about the great work being done on your local conserved lands.

Wednesday, June 22
Crested Butte Land Trust at Long Lake

Join Land Trust staff for a stroll along the recently conserved Long Lake. We’ll discuss the Land Trust’s history, hands on field work, and more.

Wednesday, August 3
Coal Creek Watershed Coalition at Gunsight Processing Area

Join staff from Coal Creek Watershed Coalition for a tour of the Gunsight Processing Area and learn about water quality and restoration work done in the area.

Wednesday, August 24
Crested Butte Museum on Lower Loop

Enjoy a hike on the Lower Loop with staff from the Crested Butte Museum and CBLT to learn about the history of the area, including the Smith Hill Mine that sits above Gunsight Bridge.

Monday, September 19
Dr. Rosemary Carroll at Gunsight Bridge

Learn from Dr. Rosemary Carroll about her research on streamflow and its response to snowfall. We’ll see a demonstration on flow measurements, learn about stream source, basin water balance, hydrologic models, and discuss drought resilience versus vulnerability in a changing climate.

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