Sustaining Stewards

An Investment You Can Count On

Sustaining Stewards are donors who give monthly or annually to provide the Crested Butte Land Trust with a dependable source of revenue. This allows the Land Trust to strategically plan and to respond swiftly as conservation or stewardship opportunities arise. Conserving and caring for our lands is an ever growing and constantly demanding task, and reliable donations mean we can faithfully do this year after year for generations to come. The Lower Loop trail system doesn’t maintain itself. Our community swimming hole, Long Lake, will require a lot of attention to avoid continued erosion and other user impacts over the coming years. Gunsight Bridge, the Lupine Trails, Slate River’s unique heron rookery and wetlands, and our astounding viewsheds all need care and attention to keep them protected for generations to come. The Land Trust cares for all of these local assets and more. Your investment ensures that our wildlife habitat, clean water, scenic vistas, recreational opportunities, and ranching heritage are protected forever. If you’ve ever been out on land managed by the Land Trust, please consider investing in your community by making a $50, $100, $500, or greater recurring donation to ensure we can continue caring for our piece of paradise together.

Our Sustaining Stewards

Debbie and James Alsup

Sharon Sturges and James Armstrong

Elizabeth and Bruce Bahnsen

Carol and Robert Breeze

Nathaniel Buchheit

Liz Chambers Cameron

Holly and Dave Chavez

Mary Anne and Nicholas Chirekos

Jane and Gerald Clark

Peggy and Jack Colby

Shirley and Eugene Cordes

Robert Couchman

Eileen and Bart Dalton

Jennifer Yu and Jeremiah Darling

Laura and Terry Detlefsen

Susan and Paul Doak

Char Dougherty and Bruce Driver

Patricia Karlin and Ernest Eck

Elizabeth and William Eggert

Karen Janssen and Xavier Fane

Kiley Flint

Carlson Family Foundation

George Merck Acorn Foundation

Becky Frey

Donna Seligman and John Garrett

Emily Hazan and Jason Goldman

Meghan Green

Sheila and Chris Green

Adam Groudan

Carol and Ralph Hamner

Kim Herman and Mandy Sheets

Beth and Joe Hise

Ynette and James Hogue

Roanne Rouse Houck and Jonathan Houck

Ruth Keene

Melissa and James Kontos

Christina and Brian Kuhlmann

Andrea Ruth Lee and Timothy Lee

Lisa and Mark Lucas

Robert Lyman

Prewitt Lane and Diane Medley

Jan Parker and Marcel Medved

Linda and Bob Morton

Anne and Steve Murray

Sue Navy

David Owen

Harriet and Dan Peavy

Cristin and Blair Pogue

Nicholas Pompa

Donna and Greg Price

Margaret and William Puckett

Deedee Moore and David Redick

Helena and Brennan Reilly

Margaret and Scott Sanders

Christianne Schoedel and John Segal

Susan and Dan Semegen

Christine and Tony Sementelli

Donna and Ronald Seuferling

Jeanne and Frank Shipman

Erica and Gavin Sollberger

Kathleen Turner and Raymond Sprague

Margaret and Jeffery Stevenson

Robert Sundstrom

Ashley and J. Baron Unbehagen

Anita and Bill Vallett

Martha Watson Violett

Susan DeMattei and David Wiens

Rosemary Smith and Rick Williams

Suzanne and Brian Zappala

Protect What You Love

As pressures on the Gunnison Valley increase, you can be part of the solution.
Leave a legacy of open space protection by donating to the Crested Butte Land Trust today,
and ensure that you and generations to come will continue to enjoy our unique quality of life.


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