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Crested Butte Land Trust Wedding Venue Agreement. I accept the Wedding Venue Agreement:
Crested Butte Land Trust Wedding Venue Agreement The Land Trust recognizes its venue properties as part of a rich and complex ecosystem. We ask that you respect this fragile environment. Since all of our venues are open to the public, we also ask that you respect others’ right to use and enjoy the trail. Ceremonies/gatherings are allowed if the organizing parties register the event with the Land Trust and agree to adhere to the following: Ceremony Guidelines ● The ceremony can last no more than 3 hours (including set-up/take down) ● No more than 100 guests are permitted ● The ceremony may not obstruct any pathways or trails ● Receptions must take place at another location, not on Land Trust property ● No food or alcohol can be served at the gathering ● No amplified sound systems or bands are permitted ● No drones ● The Land Trust reserves the right to specify the location of ceremonies and to deny any gathering or function Leave No Trace ● Altering the natural land in any way is strictly prohibited, including: trimming grass or plants, laying down hay, planting or removing vegetation, moving rocks, etc ● Organizing parties are responsible for ensuring no trash or litter of any kind, or any non- native vegetation, is introduced into the landscape (including flower petals) ● Do not build any structures or set up any tents Transportation ● Parking for this site is extremely limited; walking, biking, or providing shuttles is required (please note your shuttle plan in the form below) ● Parking cannot be reserved and is shared with the public ● No motorized use is allowed on the property ● No parking is allowed on the Trappers Crossing driveway ● The only exceptions are for elderly or handicapped persons I, the undersigned, agree to the above conditions and take responsibility for my gathering and will ensure attendees follow rules and regulations on Land Trust venues. I understand that Land Trust venues are outdoor areas and subject to weather and elements out of the Land Trust's control which may result in but not limited to, muddy, uneven, or wet conditions.