Update on Gunsight Bridge Reconstruction Project.

Have you been wondering what all the commotion around Gunsight Bridge is this past week? Or what progress is being made on the project?

This past week, the bridge engineer and his team have been testing the load-bearing strength of the soil using micropiles to make sure our plans for the new bridge will be nice and sturdy! After drilling 2” wide and 35 feet deep holes into the ground, the bridge engineer poured concrete mixture into these holes. A week later they came back and pulled on the concrete microplies to test the strength of the soil. All this was to see what strength cables are needed to build our new bridge!

They found that the soil is in great condition and can hold up to 60,000 lbs. of pressure. This is a great sign for the construction of a new and sturdy Gunsight bridge. We are now eagerly awaiting the new design that will take into account these positive findings. We can’t wait to start construction in the fall of 2018 to restore the health of the Slate River and the surround wetlands and provide an aesthetic and safe pedestrian bridge\

Meanwhile, our partners, Colorado Mining and Reclamation, are busy cleaning up Gunsight Processing Area to further protect the health of the Slate River. The plan is the burry the heavy metals left over from the old mining days and re-vegetate the area. The massive trucks you see on Slate River Road are hauling in materials for the burring process to avoid further leaching of heavy metals into our precious rivers. They are encasing all the heavy metals and burring them deep in the ground using the same process that occurred during the Peanut Mine Reclamation.