2019 Volunteer of the Year Award

2019 Volunteer of the Year Award

The “Golden Eagle,” Doug Bradbury has a habit of collecting feathers he finds on the trails and stashing them on his hats, clothing, and bike for decoration. “I love feathers,” he says. “They give me wings.”

Volunteer of the Year: Doug Bradbury


Vice President of Crested Butte Mountain Biking Association (CBMBA)

Recreational activity of choice:

Mountain biking. “It’s in my blood,” he says. “It’s what got me here to Crested Butte.”

Relationship with Crested Butte Land Trust

“It goes back a couple of decades,” he laughs. Bradbury has worked with the Crested Butte Land Trust since the late 1980s, mostly through his work with CBMBA. His volunteer efforts with the Crested Butte Land Trust have spanned various projects – from designing, building, and rerouting trails, to constructing and installing cattle guards and rollovers on trail systems like the Lupine, Gunsight Connector, and Lower Loops.

Bradbury also worked in the mountain biking industry developing suspension forks and frame geometries, which he says has transferred seamlessly over to designing and rerouting trails for the Crested Butte Land Trust. “Designing a new trail or reroute is just as fun as designing a bicycle frame,” he says. “It’s really interesting and it’s fun to do. And everybody gets to enjoy it.”

Why He’s Volunteer of the Year:

“This is more of a cumulative award than anything,” he jokes.

Most recently, Bradbury helped with the Long Lake Reroute Project. He worked with the Crested Butte Land Trust to redesign the new trail to Long Lake, laying out the best reroute that would help restore the vegetation on the Allen Family’s property, and still allow recreational access to the lake. Bradbury then played a major role in the reroute and trail restoration work during the EpicPromise Long Lake volunteer day with Vail Resorts in September.

“The increased use on the old trail just wasn’t sustainable,” he said. “After redesigning and rerouting the trail, you have more people using the trail but it’s in better shape than it was before and you get a better trail.”

Stewardship Manager, Brian Lieberman gives Bradbury huge kudos, “Doug made the Long Lake Reroute Project a reality. Through an incredible partnership with him and CBMBA, we were able to collaborate and see this vision through. It is partnerships like these that make trail building possible here in Crested Butte.”

Bradbury enjoys these types of projects that bring different people and entities together, working toward the same goals in land conservation. “For me to be behind the scenes to make sure everything is working is really satisfying. It’s really fun to be able to design something knowing that everybody is going to come in and help out to get it complete.”