Glacier Community Farm

A Window into Working Lands

Glacier Community Farm is currently a non-permanent project with the vision to provide healthy, organically grown food to the Gunnison Valley community. It was brought to life with a yearly agricultural lease between the Crested Butte Land Trust and the Mountain Roots Food Project on the farm home site in response to food insecurity due to the COVID19 pandemic. This exciting project began with breaking ground on 1/3 acre of garden beds in the 2020 growing season. The food grown is given to those who need it most through these uncertain times. The Land Trust’s partnership with Mountain Roots is cultivated through a collaborative Masters of Environmental Management Fellowship that oversees food production and seasonal farm workers on the home site and surrounding hay meadows. This concept serves as a window into working lands by providing space and opportunities for the Crested Butte community to connect with land through agriculture.

This effort depends on volunteers who are looking to give back by getting their hands dirty! Once the snow melts, we will start our volunteer days back up. Check back in March for more information!

To learn more about this exciting project contact Jake Jones: | 970.349.1206

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