Wildlife habitat preserved

Wildlife habitat preserved at historic Ruby Mining District

This past week, the Crested Butte Land Trust preserved additional acreage in the historic Ruby Mining district near Lake Irwin.  This amazing forested landscape is home to black bear, Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, and mountain lion.

Hal Brill and Allison Elliot owned their land for years and wanted to ensure that the wildlife habitat and fresh water streams that are so important to the character of Gunnison County remain for generations to come.  Their property is adjacent to other protected lands, and provides habitat for migratory songbirds with large home ranges, such as the mountain bluebird and the hairy woodpecker.  Small mammals like the red fox, coyote and porcupine also frequent the property.    Two small streams cascade across the land, which is at an elevation of about 10,700 feet above sea level.

There are no roads or buildings on the property, which will continue to be managed in its natural condition.  There are several abandoned mine adits dating back to around 1886.   The Crested Butte Land Trust is grateful for the efforts and vision of over 70 different families who have voluntarily protected their lands.    Whether a landowner desires to maintain ownership, sell, or donate their land for preservation, there are plenty of options for permanently protecting their land.  For more information, please contact Ann Johnston, Executive Director, at director@cblandtrust.org or 970.349.1206.

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